I watch over two humans. They are a handful but I am teaching them good behavior.
Frankie is a siamese cool cat. He was being sold by a back street breeder who didn't treat him well.

Where's Frankie

Siamese cat is at it Again

Welcome to, " Where's Frankie" Website. Frankie, the new feline sensation, is here to welcome you and thank you for your support. Frankie is a big fan of pet rescue, so anything you purchase on this site, Frankie will donate 20% of the proceeds to , Stray Aid & Rescue. He also wants to help you find your lost pet. Please check out some of the video's that made Frankie a star.

​​Where's Frankie

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If your looking for your lost pet, try here. If you would like to post a picture of your lost pet, go here.

My Humans